Participation in the Direct Deposit Program

Published: December 8th, 1998

Category: Memos

Bob Willits, Interim Director

All employees, including OPS, should consider taking advantage of a timesaving benefit-the Direct Deposit Program. While faculty, A&P, and USPS employees hired on or after July 1, 1996, are required to participate in this program as a “condition of employment,” employees hired prior to this date also are encouraged to enroll.

Participating in this program means that each payday employees’ paychecks are deposited automatically into a financial institution of their choice. This especially comes in handy when employees are on vacation or during the holidays when many employees travel out of town. Enrolling in the Direct Deposit Program not only means that employees will save time, but also that they may gain access to their money each payday morning. The only difference employees may notice is that rather than getting an actual paycheck on payday, they will receive a confirmation that tells them the exact amount deposited into their account.

Enrolling in the Direct Deposit Program is easy. Employees just need to contact their departmental payroll administrator for a Direct Deposit Authorization form and forward the completed form to the State Comptroller’s Office in Tallahassee for processing. Payroll administrators have been asked to help monitor employee participation to ensure we comply with this mandate and can assist employees with the enrollment process. Direct Deposit Authorization forms also are available in the following University Personnel Services satellite offices: Health Center Personnel, Ground Floor, Room H-8, 392-3786; IFAS Personnel, Room G025 McCarty Hall, 392-4777; E&G/Auxiliary Personnel, Room B-71 Reitz Union, 392-6615; PPD Personnel, Room 106 Building 702, 392-2333, or by calling Processing and Records at 392-1204.

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