Update on Graduate Assistant Personnel Issues

Published: December 18th, 1998

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Nancy Paris

Contract Language
In accordance with University Policy on eligibility requirements for receiving Graduate Assistantships, pre-doctoral fellowships, and tuition payments, it has been determined that a clause will need to be added to all new contracts offered to Graduate Assistants. The purpose of this language is to protect the University from liability in the event that actions involving termination and/or cancellation of tuition payments are challenged. Although pre-doctoral fellows are also subject to these rules, they are not under contract; however, they should be informed of the eligibility guidelines when the fellowship is awarded. The statement that needs to be included in the contracts is as follows:

“I understand that any Graduate Tuition Payment awarded with my assistantship will be voided and rescinded if, at any time, I do not meet all of the eligibility requirements outlined in the Graduate Student Handbook, including but not limited to maintaining the minimum registration required by my appointment(s). I further understand that any change in my eligibility, academic status or employment status after the Graduate Tuition Payment is processed will result in the original payment being reduced or voided as appropriate regardless of when during the term such changes occur.”

Health Insurance Deductions
The university is offering Graduate Assistants the option of payroll deducting premiums for the Student Health Insurance available to both domestic and international students through Anthem Life Insurance Company. Graduate Assistants wishing to participate may enroll for Spring term or Spring and Summer terms at this time. This program is currently available only to Graduate Assistants and is intended to make the payment process more convenient and more affordable to them. Please direct inquiries regarding this program to the local servicing agency, Scarborough Company Insurance, Inc. at 377-2002.

E-Mail Communication
Academic Personnel staff is now e-mailing our department contacts regarding graduate assistant appointment problems. The contact list is set up by authority code, and only one individual may be designated as the contact person for each authority code. Additions or changes should be submitted to Judy Emery in Academic Personnel.

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