Vehicle Use Records

Published: December 21st, 1998

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John P. Kruczek, University Controller

University Departments who manage and operate state owned vehicles are required to ensure that the vehicles are utilized only for official business, that the vehicles are maintained, and that licensed drivers safely operate them. Generally, University vehicles may be classified as either General Purpose Vehicles or Service Vehicles. Service Vehicles are identified as those conveyances that operate a fixed route (Fixed Route Vehicles), have a fixed purpose (Fixed Purpose Vehicles), or are specifically assigned to a single operator (Assigned Vehicles). Vehicle Use Records (Form FA-UF-VUR/9-95) are required for all university owned motor vehicles, except certain Service Vehicles, farm equipment (i.e. tractors) and non-licensed equipment (i.e. golf carts).

A new form, the Monthly Vehicle Use Record (Form FA-UF-MVUR/12-98), will now require completion only on a monthly basis for those vehicles which meet the criteria to be designated as Service Vehicles. A copy of this new form is attached for your reference. The Monthly Vehicle Use Record includes identification of the vehicle by description, license plate number, vehicle number and Service Vehicle type. On a monthly basis, the responsible departmental person, who will maintain the records for audit purposes, will enter the beginning and ending odometer reading of mileage for the month. The form also requires certification by the person preparing the records that all information is true and correct from their inspection of the vehicle and review and approval by departmental supervisory staff. Recording mileage monthly on the Monthly Vehicle Use Record is in lieu of preparing Vehicle Use Records. In the event the service vehicles go into travel status a Vehicle Use Record is mandatory. Travel status is defined as travel that results in the traveler becoming eligible for reimbursement for meals, lodging or per diem.

Service Vehicle designations:
A University unit may identify each of their Service Vehicles with one of the specific designations listed below.

Fixed Route Vehicles Conveyances that follow a predetermined route to pick up and deliver mail, material, and commodities to University of Florida locations. Examples include campus mail vehicles, vehicles used by departmental couriers, and vehicles used for facilities and plant operations and maintenance activities.
Fixed Purpose Vehicles Conveyances that are used only to serve a narrowly defined task. Examples include buses used to transport students to and from out-door laboratory sites, trucks used to move research animals from farm locations to classrooms and vehicles used to deliver supplies from campus to Research and Extension office locations through-out the state.
Assigned Vehicles Conveyances that are permanently assigned to a single operator for business use exclusively, such as vehicles that are assigned to a specific research project investigator. Vehicles operated by more than one driver, from time to time, cannot be considered assigned vehicles.

General Purpose Vehicle designation:


General Purpose Vehicles By default, if a vehicle is not identified with one of the designations listed above it will be considered General Purpose. A general-purpose vehicle will continue to require the drivers to prepare Vehicle Use Records for each trip as well as review and approval by departmental supervisory staff. Vehicle Use Records for General Purpose Vehicles are required for both local travel and when the travelers are going into travel status. A supply of blank Vehicle Use Records (Form FA-UF-VUR/9-95) may be obtained from University Printing Services.

Only drivers who possess a valid operator’s license, use seat belts and observe posted speed limits are permitted to operate University vehicles. Each University unit is responsible for maintaining records of licensed drivers who may operate University vehicles. This can be accomplished by maintaining a photocopy of the operator’s license in the departmental personnel records, or by certification on the vehicle log.

Thank you for your cooperation. This information will be incorporated into the Handbook on Business Procedures Section 4D-4.07D. Please contact me or Bonnie Cauthon at 392-1321 if you have questions or concerns regarding these requirements.

Click on the link below to obtain the:

Monthly Vehicle Use Record    (98dd074a.pdf), an Adobe Acrobat file (Acrobat(R) Reader 3.0 required)

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