Notices of Proposed Rule Development

Published: February 16th, 1999

Category: Memos

Pamela J. Bernard, General Counsel

Notices of Proposed Rule Development

Rules 6C1-1.0062, 6C1-1.008, 6C1-1.012, 6C1-1.017, 6C1-1.201, 6C1-2.001, 6C1-2.004, 6C1-2.005, 6C1-2.016, 6C1-2.0161, 6C1-2.0162, 6C1-3.0022, 6C1-3.003, 6C1-3.020, 6C1-3.025, 6C1-3.0372, 6C1-3.0421, 6C1-3.047, 6C1-3.048, 6C1-3.051, 6C1-3.056, 6C1-3.059, 6C1-4.004, 6C1-4.006, 6C1-4.013, 6C1-4.014, 6C1-4.015, 6C1-4.016, 6C1-4.0161, 6C1-4.0162, 6C1-4.021, 6C1-4.031, 6C1-4.032, 6C1-4.036, 6C1-7.003, 6C1-7.013, 6C1-7.019, 6C1-7.051, 6C1-7.0561, and 6C1-7.0562

Attached is a copy of the Notice of Proposed Rule Development for rules which are proposed for adoption or revision by the University. Please distribute and post the notices upon receipt.

NOTE: Please remember that by law you are required to print the notices and post the hard copy in an appropriate place, such as the unit’s office or bulletin board, in order that affected persons can be notified.

Thank you.


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