Departmental Resource Guide for University of Florida Vendors

Published: March 12th, 1999

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Robert Miller, Assistant Vice President, Administrative Affairs Larry T. Ellis, Director, Small and Minority Business Affairs Division

The Division of Small and Minority Business Affairs is compiling information to develop a resource guide for vendors.

With your assistance, we can provide vendor representatives with basic information regarding your department’s procurement process. This guide should reduce the number of superfluous telephone calls, unscheduled visits to departments and marketing questions. It will also provide vendors with specific solicitation information and guidelines for dealing with your department staff.

This Departmental Resource Guide will be provided to local University of Florida vendors, and a supply will be maintained by each Purchasing Department for new vendors. The guide will also be accessible on the University’s Web Page.

Please take a moment to forward the attached form to the individual(s) in your department or academic unit responsible for purchasing commodities and services under $25,000. If there are any questions regarding the form or Resource Guide, feel free to contact Larry Ellis at 392-1331. We would like to receive your completed form by March 25, 1999. Return this information to:

      Division of Small & Minority Business Affair
      Box 115250
      UF Campus
      Fax: 392-8837

Thanks for your cooperation and assistance!

Click on the link below to obtain the:

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