Building Code Permit and Inspection Program

Published: June 22nd, 1999

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Gerald Schaffer, Vice President


Florida Statute assigns responsibility to the State University System for building code enforcement during building construction and renovation.

At the University of Florida, the Division of Environmental Health and Safety has been assigned responsibility to implement and administer a Building Code Permit and Inspection Program. William Properzio, Director of that office, has appointed David B. Kramer as the Building Codes Administrator. All program groups responsible for construction activities on state owned and University of Florida assigned property shall initiate compliance with this policy in accordance with the following schedule.

New Construction Projects Costing $500,000 or More:
Any new construction project initiated after March 1, 1999 or project that has not completed the 100% design documents shall require a building permit.

New Construction & Renovation Projects:
All projects with a construction cost between $5,000 and $500,000 as well as renovation projects funded at less than $5,000 that impact life safety shall require a building permit beginning September 1, 1999.

Minor Repair Without Life Safety Impact:
Minor repair projects costing less than $5,000 that do not impact life safety are exempt from the code permit process.

Construction & Renovation Projects Outside Alachua County:
All projects subject to the code permit and inspection process conducted on properties outside Alachua County shall require a building permit beginning January 1, 2000.

A code permit fee will be charged to all projects subject to the code. The fee schedule follows the recommendations of the Standard Building Code 1997. The UF building code inspection program policy, permit application forms, fee schedule and related program information can be referenced on the EH&S web site, see

Questions concerning the implementation or administration of this policy should be addressed to the Building Code Administrator at (352) 392-1904.

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