College Of Architecture Announces Administrative Assignments

Published: June 30th, 1999

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Jay Stein, Interim Dean

The College of Architecture is pleased to announce the following administrative assignments:

Dr. Charles Kibert, Interim Director, School of Building Construction (effective July 1, 1999) P. O. Box 115703, 101 FAC, 392-5965, [Dr. Kibert replaces Dr. Jimmie Hinze who resigned as Director of the School to accept the position as Interim Associate Dean of the College.]

Prof. Margaret “Peggy” Carr, Interim Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture (effective May 7, 1999), P. O. Box 115704, 334 ARCH Building, 392-6098 ext 327, [Professor Carr replaces Professor Terry Schnadelbach who resigned as Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture to return to teaching in the Department.]

Dr. Paul Zwick, Interim Chair, Department of Urban and Regional Planning (effective May 7, 1999) P. O. Box 115706, 431 ARCH Building, 392-0997 ext 427, [Dr. Zwick has served as Co-Director of Urban and Regional Planning’s GEOPLAN Center, which has averaged about $1.5 million per year in research funding.]

Dr. Jimmie Hinze, Interim Associate Dean, College of Architecture (effective July 1, 1999) P. O. Box 115701, 331C ARCH Building, 392-4836, [Dr. Hinze will have major responsibility for working with all our faculty in forming their research and scholarly agendas.]

Dr. Jo Hasell, Interim Director, Ph.D. Program, College of Architecture (effective July 1, 1999) P. O. Box 115705, 346 ARCH Building, 392-0252 ext 337, [Dr. Hasell replaces Dr. Raymond Issa who resigned as Associate Dean of the College to assume the assignment as Graduate Coordinator of the School of Building Construction.]

As Interim Dean of the College of Architecture, I am excited about the challenges ahead and fully confident that the management team we have in place is exceptionally capable of leading the college to a higher level of excellence.

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