University of Florida Financial Accounting Forms

Published: June 30th, 1999

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John P. Kruczek, University Controller

Effective July 1, 1999, supplies of financial accounting system forms will no longer be available from Printing and Graphic Services. Departments requiring any of the forms in the following table can obtain them from or by contacting the Finance and Accounting business office. When the present stock of paper forms is depleted, all forms except pre-numbered, will be available at the above website. Pre-numbered forms are identified on the following table with an asterisk. Please contact me if you have questions or need additional information at 2-1321.

List of Finance and Accounting Free Forms


FA-AP-L-ORC Disbursements Open Record Certification For Payment Of Membership Or Other Organizational Dues
FA-AP-M-SAF Disbursements Signature Authorization Form
FA-AP-T-NON Disbursements Notification Of Noncompliance
FA-AP-T-RTR Disbursements Requisition For State Transportation Requests
FA-CG-1-CTC Contracts & Grants Cost Transfer Checklist
FA-CG-EAA Contracts & Grants Expense Advance Agreement
FA-CG-TR20 Contracts & Grants Contracts And Grants Allotment Worksheet/Transfer
FA-CG-L-AF Contracts & Grants Miscellaneous Gift, Grant, Contract Acceptance Form
FA-CG-POA Contracts & Grants Power of Attorney
FA-CG-R-PSP Contracts & Grants Participant Support Payment
FA-CG-XO2 Payroll Request for Wage Transfer
FA-C-K-203 * Univ. Fin. Serv. Request For Revenue Refund TR-49
FA-C-K-306 * Disbursements Inter-Departmental Expense Refund
FA-C-K-320 Univ. Acctg. Serv. Inter-Department Transfer
FA-C-K-391 * Disbursements I.D. Invoice
FA-C-K-AEF * Disbursements Academic Enrichment Funds Payment Requisition
FA-C-T-201 Univ. Fin. Serv. Deposit Transmittal Form (State)
FA-C-T-201A Univ. Fin. Serv. Deposit Transmittal Form (Local)
FA-C-T-305 * Disbursements Payment Authorization
FA-C-T-601A Disbursements Change Notice Request
FA-C-T-SD Univ. Fin. Serv. Support Documentation For Deposit Transmittals
FA-DS-AR1 * Disbursement University Department Requisition
FA-DS-AR2 * Disbursements University Department Requisition
FA-DS-CFR Disbursements Concession Fund Requisition For Payment
FA-DS-TA Disbursements Application For Advance On Travel Expense
FA-DS-TR-60ID * Disbursements I.D. Requisition And Encumbrance TR-60
FA-DS-TR-APD Disbursements Authorization For Per Diem In Excess Of 30 Days
FA-I-M-201 Univ. Fin. Serv. Cash Expense Refund
FA-INS Insurance State of Florida Gasoline Credit Card Request
FA-P-M-RS Property Report Of Survey
FA-P-M-RS2 Property Report Of Survey – Lost/Stolen
FA-P-M-TP1 Property Report Of Transfer Of Property
FA-PR-260H Payroll Wage Transfer Distribution Form
FA-PR-ASB-ABA Payroll Asbestos Abatement
FA-PR-K-CDC Payroll Check Distribution Change
FA-PR-K-CML Payroll Certification For Military Leave
FA-PR-K-RR Payroll Certification For Retroactive Rate Increase
FA-PR-K-STC Payroll Supplemental Time Certification
FA-PR-K-TLC Payroll Special Terminal Leave Certification For Flat-Rate Employee
FA-PR-RBP Payroll Request For Budgeted Position
FA-SA-606 T * Disbursements Travel Authorization Request
FA-SA-606 U * Disbursements Travel Authorization Request
FA-TAX-FN Univ. Tax Serv. Foreign National Tax Information Form
FA-T-RPR * Disbursements Registration Payment Request
FA-UF-MVUR Disbursements Monthly Vehicle Use Record
FA-UF-TARW Disbursements Travel Authorization Request Worksheet
FA-UF-VUR Disbursements Vehicle Use Record
FA-UTS-CPSW Univ. Tax Serv. Consulting & Professional Services Worksheet


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