Non-Traditional Education

Published: July 9th, 1999

Category: Memos

Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Provost

Non-traditional education is a rapidly growing segment of our enterprise. We have a newly developed executive education program, continuing education programs and distance education initiatives in many of our colleges, and off-book distance education programs operating through our Division of Continuing Education. I have asked Dean John Kraft to analyze what we are currently doing in these areas and to make recommendations to me as to how we can best organize ourselves as these new areas of educational endeavor continue to grow across campus. He will produce a report by December. The report will address the areas we need to develop to compete best in the new markets for non-traditional education, what administrative organization is best to facilitate the endeavors on campus, and what the university can do to facilitate the University of Florida’s delivery of high quality education in these new venues. He will be forming an advisory group to assist him in this endeavor and will be meeting with each of the deans to obtain input. I would appreciate your providing your suggestions and ideas to him as he proceeds. Thanks.

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