GatorLink Accounts Required for All UF Faculty, Staff and Students

Published: September 7th, 1999

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Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Provost

This fall all UF faculty, staff and students will be required to have a GatorLink account. The goal is to consolidate, under one username and password, the many userids and passwords now needed to reach different campus administrative computing services. No one is required to use GatorLink for email, but a GatorLink account does provide free email service.

A GatorLink Account will be required to access administrative functions such as: free access to ISIS (the Integrated Student Information System), degree shopping, TRIPPS, the Grade-a- Gator system for web input of grades to be implemented this fall, and other administrative tasks via the Web. For example, faculty members, will require a GatorLink account to input student grades at the end of the fall semester.

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In addition to access to administrative services, a GatorLink account provides: Web Page space (to be available this fall), Internet dial-up time and electronic mailbox (e-mail) from which users may optionally forward email to a preferred address. Additional fee based services are also available.

A primary aim of GatorLink accounts is single signon access to reach the many different campus computing services. Use of GatorLink services carries with it certain rights and responsibilities. By using any GatorLink service, you agree to abide by the policy on Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources that can be found in its entirety at

For more information about GatorLink accounts please see From there you can create your account, change your password, see your current usage, and more. Certain UF affiliated groups, including the University Athletic Association, the UF Foundation, and Shands Personnel will use a GatorLink ID for authentication to administrative services but are not eligible for free mail box or free dial up services.

All GatorLink services are administered by the GatorLink Management Team, composed of representatives from NERDC (Northeast Regional Data Center) and CIRCA (Center for Instructional and Research Computing Activities). If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact UF’s Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP (392-4357) or via e-mail at Their consultants can help you set up your computer to dial in from home and troubleshoot your GatorLink account.

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