Combined Degree Programs

Published: October 22nd, 1999

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Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Provost

This is just a reminder that all combined degree programs should be designed to allow UF undergraduates to receive their undergraduate degrees prior to entering the graduate phase of the program. Programs in Engineering and Business that existed prior to the University-wide development of the combined degree program are exempted from this requirement, and students in these programs may enter the graduate phase before completing the undergraduate degree.

Please note that undergraduates in all combined degree programs can take from 6 to 16 graduate credits, depending on the program, prior to entering the graduate phase. And these graduate credits can be dual counted for the undergraduate degree and the master’s degree.

I ask you also to keep in mind the following eligibility issues relative to financial aid programs.

Bright Futures Scholarships

  • Pays up to 132 credit hours
  • Pays for graduate courses at the undergraduate rate
  • Students must pay the difference between the graduate and undergraduate fees for graduate courses counting toward the undergraduate degreeFlorida Prepaid Program
  • Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible
  • Pays up to 120 credit hours
  • Graduate courses taken while an undergraduate are paid at the undergraduate rate
  • Graduate courses taken after the bachelors degree are paid at the undergraduate rateOther Financial Aid Programs
  • Combined degree programs affect virtually every financial aid program differently
  • Students should contact the Office for Student Financial Affairs for specific detailsStudents who complete their undergraduate degree in less than four years must pay the full cost of their graduate courses after they receive the undergraduate degree.I am attaching a form that should be filled out for every student who is now in the Combined Degree Program. This same form should be used now and in the future to record all students who enter your Combined Degree Program(s). Please note that the attached form asks that copies be made for the student, the department, the college, the Graduate School, and the Provost’s office. We intend to have this entered electronically in the future, but for now we are asking for hard copies. Copies to the Provost’s office should be sent to Karan Schwartz at 236A Tigert Hall, PO Box 113175.

    Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

    Click on the link below to obtain the:Application by Student for Entry into Combined Bachelors/Masters Program   (98dd082a.pdf)

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