UF Site for Online Administrative Resources (SOARS)

Published: October 15th, 1999

Category: Memos

Earl Robbins, Interim Chief Information Officer

The Office of the CIO is pleased to announce the launching of the SOARS web site, the Site for Online Administrative Resources (www.soars.ufl.edu), which is being developed to provide faculty and staff a common access point for administrative applications. The site will focus on all web- based, self service applications and forms that are used by non-students to conduct business or transfer information. This interface will eventually allow individuals to log on to an application, such as the TRRIPS Travel System, conduct their business and proceed to other applications to conduct further business, without having to log off and then back on again.

To help with this process, we are conducting a survey to identify all web-based applications in use by UF units. To participate in this survey, we are asking that the parties responsible for such applications send a URL and one or two descriptive sentences to Christian Conrad at cconrad@ufl.edu. To submit input into ongoing efforts to integrate these applications using Eagle and GatorLink authentication, please contact John Banko at jbanko@ufl.edu about Eagle and Allan Pither at pither@ufl.edu about GatorLink.

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