Additions and Changes to Faculty Modifiers

Published: March 15th, 2000

Category: Memos

David R. Colburn, Interim Provost

The following modifiers have been added to the faculty pay plan and are available for immediate use:

Affiliated Clinical – This modifier applies to unpaid faculty appointments in the health care departments that are given to persons who may or may not be otherwise affiliated with the university. Such appointments will not be eligible for tenure and time spent in such appointments shall not count a tenure eligible service.
Industry – This modifier is used for persons from industry who hold faculty rank with the university. Their appointments are courtesy or paid from OPS funds and are not time limited. Appointees to such positions may not be awarded tenure and time spent in such an appointment may not be counted as tenure eligible service.
Program – This modifier is used when a person holding faculty rank is primarily engaged in UF/IFAS Cooperative Extension work. Such appointments do not accrue permanent status or tenure, are not time limited, and are funded by non- appropriated sources.
Time limits for use of the Visiting modifier have been changed. Faculty not in the bargaining unit may be offered contracts for up to four years. Requests to offer employment beyond this time limit must be submitted to Academic Affairs for action. Visiting faculty covered by the collective bargaining agreement may not be offered contracts that would exceed a total of four (4) consecutive years.

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