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Published: April 21st, 2000

Category: Memos

Rusti Brandman, Ph.D., John Graham-Pole, M.D.,
Jill Sonke-Henderson, Co-Directors, CAHRE

The purpose of this memorandum is to introduce the Center for the Arts in Healthcare Research and Education (CAHRE). The Center’s mission is to facilitate research, develop curriculum and community programs involving the arts in healing. Part of our educational mission includes developing and regularly updating an inventory of related courses to provide a cross- disciplinary information source. Following are examples from the inventory of courses and programs for Spring 2000. Arts in Medicine, Santa Fe Community College Dance in Medicine, Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Florida Writing in Healing, Honors Program, University of Florida Relationship with Music and Health, Honors Program, University of Florida

We would appreciate your help in updating this inventory for Summer and Fall 2000. If your unit offers related courses, please provide us with the following information:
Department/unit name:
Course prefix and number:
Course title:
Course description:
Link/contact information: web address and/or phone number or e- mail address

CAHRE also consults on and initiates the development of related courses and programs. We are presently consulting on the development of an interdisciplinary course in spirituality and health and will soon begin work on an introductory course in the arts in healthcare. The latter course will include such topics as: an historical perspective on the arts in healing practices with an example from each continent; current philosophy and physiology of the arts in healing; contemporary arts in healing practices and programs; experiential workshops in dance, theatre, music, visual and literary arts for healing; and observation of Shands’ Arts in Medicine or Arts in Healing programs at work. If you are interested in working on the latter course or would like consultation on the development of a course or program related to our mission, please contact us with questions or information at:, or call Jolie Haun,
at 395- 0768, or UF P.O Box 115900.

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