“Gator” Folders

Published: July 5th, 2000

Category: Memos

Barbara Talmadge, University Registrar

As many of you are aware, the Office of Admissions designed an eye-catching, high quality, glossy folder for use in our recruitment efforts, both on and off campus. The most recent order will have the cover that features the photograph of a newborn alligator peering from its shell. The inside flaps contain non-date specific information for prospective students as well as pockets for storing paper materials.

We have found that this recruiting piece is attractive to the colleges, departments and other offices. Many have expressed an interest in obtaining a supply of these folders. Unfortunately we can’t just give them away since they are an expensive piece targeted primarily for freshman recruitment and other O.U.R. efforts. Since they have proven so popular, though, this year we will increase our biennial order to include the number other offices want. We can make available to you–at cost, which is expected to be a fraction of a penny less than $.27 per folder. Given that fact, folders are available in multiples of 100 for $27.

We will not reorder for two years, so if you are interested in obtaining and using these folders for your recruiting or other activities, please send a written request to Rick Ragan at PO Box 114000. Include the quantity needed, a contact person in your office, a billing address and a phone number.

Please respond as soon as you can.

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