Tuition Payment Processing Dates for Fall 2000

Published: August 11th, 2000

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Nancy Paris

Important dates concerning Fall semester tuition payment processing are listed below. Please be reminded that signed contracts (Letters of Appointment) are required for all Graduate Assistants. Completing an “on-line” Letter of Appointment does not replace the need to complete a contractual letter of appointment as specified in Article 2 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Contracts may be generated and printed via the Letter of Appointment File, which is highly encouraged. Complete instructions on using this process may be found on the Academic Personnel Office web site as follows:

August 23-25, warning e-mail messages will be sent to designated contact persons to assist in making corrections prior to the initial batch. August 28, the initial batch of tuition payments (and full fees payments where applicable) will be processed. August 29 – September 1, tuition payments will continue to be processed nightly. September 5 – December 12, processing will occur twice weekly. December 12, the Letter of Appointment File will close for Fall semester updates.

Please note that Information Systems will issue reports detailing tuition payment costs to each contact person via e- mail. The final report for Summer A, B and C terms will be sent August 22. Preliminary reports for fall semester will be delivered on October 24, with the final report to be issued January 4, 2001.

Please contact me via e-mail at if you have questions. Thanks.

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