IMMEDIATE ACTION – Firestone Tire Recall

Published: August 11th, 2000

Category: Memos

Philip S. Collis, Associate Director, Environmental Health and Safety

As most of you know, Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. has issued a recall for some of their Firestone tires. In particular, the P235/75R15 Radial ATX and Radial ATX II tires and all Wilderness AT tires with a “VD” code have been recalled.

Please check your vehicles to see if any are equipped with these tires. The tires were original equipment on many Ford Explorers and light pick-up trucks.

If you have vehicles with these tires, please contact one of the local Firestone dealers to schedule replacement. Until the tires are replaced, it is important that the tires be inflated to the correct pressure, a minimum of 30 psi.

The state of Florida will be included in phase one of the three-phase replacement effort. If you need additional information or assistance from Firestone, they may be contacted at (800) 465-1904. Their web site is

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