Graduate Assistant Evaluations

Published: November 7th, 2000

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David Colburn, Provost

The staffs of Academic Affairs, Information Systems and NERDC have worked together to simplify some of the processes used for graduate assistant evaluations.

Effective with this semester the notice of those graduate assistants requiring an evaluation during a current semester will be sent via email. The listing, along with instructions, will be sent to each of Academic Personnel’s Authority Code contacts for graduate assistants. It will contain the names of the students requiring evaluation and will be sorted by the students’ supervisors. In addition an email listing with instructions will be sent to each supervisor notifying them of the need to conduct evaluations. The supervisors will be asked to notify the department/unit contact of the dates that each evaluation is completed.

As the department/unit contact is notified of the dates, s/he is to enter the date of each completion in the Letter of Appointment file. If an evaluation can’t be completed, a “Non-evaluation Code” is to be entered, rather than a date. These codes are:

M – Medical Withdrawal
W – Withdrawal
D – Deceased

These fields will appear in the student’s Letter of Appointment record under the supervisor’s name and SSN.

If evaluations are not completed by the end of the semester, a second set of emails will be sent to the contacts and supervisors reminding them of the need to complete evaluations in compliance with the collective bargaining agreement.

During the fourth week of class of the following semester, a final report will be sent to the administrator of the department/unit. This report will list all students that were to be evaluated and the dates of the evaluations. The listing will also indicate, if applicable, those students who have still not been evaluated. It will then be the administrator’s responsibility to ensure that the evaluations are completed in compliance with Article 3 of the agreement.

There will be no need to return any listing to Academic Personnel since this office will use the Letter of Appointment file for their information source.

The email addresses for the supervisors will be obtained from University of Florida’s electronic phonebook. Departments and units will be expected to keep the addresses current in the phonebook and to add new faculty as they are given email addresses. Faculty who are given Gatorlink accounts will not automatically have their Gatorlink email addresses listed as the primary address. The entry of the primary address will need to be entered by the phonebook coordinator for your area.

Instructions for this process will be available shortly on the Academic Personnel website at The listing of students to be evaluated for this semester will be sent to the contacts and the supervisors on November 15. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Academic Personnel office by email ( or phone (352-392-1251).

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