Search Committees Announcement

Published: November 3rd, 2000

Category: Memos

David R. Colburn, Provost

The President and I are pleased to announce the appointments to the following search committees:

Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Committee Chair, Chuck Frazier, Vice Provost
Pam Bernard, General Counsel
Fred Cantrell, Administrative Affairs
Larry Ellis, University Personnel Services
Nur Erenguc, Inspector General
Ana Garcia, Student Member
Tom Harris, Medicine
John Kraft, Business Administration
John Kruczek, University Controller
Joe Layon, University Senate
Sue Legg, Instructional Resources
Mike Martin, IFAS
Yngve Ohrn, Chemistry Martin Uman, Engineering


Dean of Design, Construction & Planning

Committee Chair, Gary Siebein, Architecture
Michael Compton, President, DCP Student Council
Caroline Constant, Architecture
Joseph Glover, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Terry Hynes, Dean, Journalism & Communications
Charles Kibert, Building Construction
Janine King, Interior Design
James Nicholas, Urban & Regional Planning
G.W. Robinson, Community
Kay Williams, Landscape Architecture


Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Committee Chair, Ken Wald, Political Science
Diana Boxer, Linguistics
Robert A. Bryan, President Emeritus
Jimmy Cheek, Agricultural and Life Sciences
James Dufty, Physics
Robin Gibson, Community
Reynaldo Jimenez, Romance Lang. and Lit.
Debra King, English
Angel Kwolek-Folland, Women’s Studies
David Richardson, Chemistry
Barry Schlenker, Psychology
Tim Tinnesz, Student Member
Barbara Zsembik, Sociology


Director of the Harn Museum

Committee Chair, Sheila Dickison, Associate Provost
Mary Ann Eaverly, Classics
Marcia Isaacson, Fine Arts
Bruce MacFadden, FL Museum of Natural History
Robin Poynor, Art & Art History
Stephen Shey, Community
Rod McGalliard, Community
Kerry Oliver-Smith, Harn Museum
Michael Blachly, Phillips Center for Performing Arts

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