Access to Instructional Technology (AIT)

Published: May 3rd, 2001

Category: Memos

David R. Colburn, Provost

As you are aware, the University has been examining alternative methods aimed at enhancing the computer skills of our students. Out of these discussions, we have developed and initiative entitled, Access to Instructional Technology (AIT). The Office of Instructional Resources and the Northeast Regional Data Center invite each college and academic support unit to review the resources available to facilitate the development of instructional programs. These resources currently include all those within your unit as well as university-wide resources such as the NetG online computer skills programs and a collaborative laptop laboratory in the OIR Teaching Center at Broward Hall.

I am requesting that each college and each academic support unit prepare a plan to identify and implement a basic computer literacy requirement for our students. This requirement should reflect the minimum computer skill level appropriate to the academic disciplines for the college. For academic support units, this requirement should include what you regard as minimum competencies essential to your area. The plan should describe the alternative ways in which students may fulfill this requirement. In addition, the plan should identify any additional university resources that are needed to implement the computer skills requirement.

The Office of Academic Affairs plans on implementing this requirement for the fall semester, 2002. I ask you to please submit a report of your plans by June 30, 2001. Thank you.

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