Computer Training Now Available

Published: May 3rd, 2001

Category: Memos

Larry Ellis, Director

To help invest in the skills of employees at the University of Florida, University Personnel Services’ Training and Development section will begin holding free computer training in June. This computer training will be held in our new 16-station computer lab, which is located in room 451 of the stadium.

Our summer training schedule is now available at, and we urge interested faculty and staff to take advantage of this benefit of employment.

Because of the value of our computer training, in particular, and the expected demand for it, we are asking for your help in ensuring that participants who enroll in the computer workshops attend as scheduled—or that they reschedule as needed in order to free up this resource for others.

Remember: All of our training is offered as a benefit of employment and is open to all university employees. To register or for more information, please contact Training and Development at, 392-4626, SC 622-4626.

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