Year-End Closing for University Disbursement and Property Services, Including Certified Forwards, Fiscal Year 2001-02

Published: May 15th, 2001

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John P. Kruczek, University Controller
Purchasing Card Administrator

It is time to begin planning for June 30, 2001, year-end closing. Departments are encouraged to submit invoices for payment as early as possible to ensure payment from current year funds. Outstanding encumbrances should be reviewed and any, which are not needed, should be closed. A useful tool for reviewing encumbrances is the Outstanding Encumbrance Report attached to your monthly Departmental Ledgers. We will begin sending out special Outstanding Encumbrance Reports in June. These reports should alert you to problems that need to be resolved before year-end. I would like to emphasize that it is your department’s responsibility to manage funds through the certification process.

On July 2, 2001, we will distribute encumbrance reports to each department. Your report will list all of the open encumbrances at June 30, 2001, for each organization code in funds that require certification forward. The only encumbrances remaining open at this date should be those, which are to be certified forward. You will need to verify that these encumbrances should be certified forward and provide information regarding any goods or services that have NOT been received and NOT paid for as of June 30. The completed reports must be returned to University Disbursement Services, 114 Elmore Hall, Post Office Box 115350, no later than July 6, 2001 in order to have these encumbrances certified forward. A preliminary run of this encumbrance report will be distributed to each department by June 8, for your review and preparation of your information to be entered on the final version.

Please note that the Encumbrance Report for Certified Forward will include a receipt date of 6/30/01 for all goods or services that have not been paid by June 30, 2001. Please identify any goods or services NOT received by June 30, 2001, as the receipt date is essential to determine the University’s Accounts Payable at year-end.

If any changes occur concerning year-end closing deadlines or the procedures for Certified Forward, we will promptly convey them to you. Please note that we will continue to accept invoices after the “ensure” dates, but cannot guarantee that they will be processed before June 30.

If you have any questions concerning these procedures and cutoff dates, please call Dorothy Dykes at 2-1241, ext. 307 on ID’s; Monica Thames-Lamar at 2-1245, on Travel; Debbie Anderson at 2-1241, ext. 309, on Outside Vendors; Linda Shreve at 2-0185 on Cash Expense Refunds; Patti Perkins at 2-0181 on Revenue Refunds. Health Center units should call Shirley Hatch at 395-8095.

The following attachment, Summary of Guidelines and Critical Dates is to aid your processing staff during year-end processing.

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