New USPS Performance Appraisal Process

Published: July 11th, 2001

Category: Memos

Larry Ellis, Director

We are pleased to announce a more efficient process to assist you in providing formal and timely feedback to employees via the University Support Personnel System (USPS) performance appraisal forms. Beginning on August 1, USPS performance appraisal forms will be available on our website, The online version, a Microsoft Word format, will allow supervisors to complete the appraisal form online, print it for signatures and submission, and save it for future reference.

In the past, performance appraisal forms were sent to each department’s TKL contact for distribution to the appropriate supervisor for completion. Beginning August 1, each department’s TKL contact will receive a label containing the employee’s name and relevant information regarding his or her USPS performance appraisal for distribution to the appropriate supervisors. The supervisors will complete the online form, print it, obtain the required signatures, affix the label, and return it to University Personnel Services, PO BOX 118505.

Detailed instructions about the process will be distributed to departmental TKL contacts along with the labels. In the event that a supervisor is unable to use the Word version of the appraisal form, a PDF version that can be printed and filled out also will be available.

Please note that all other policies and procedures regarding USPS Performance Appraisals will remain unchanged. However, should you have any immediate questions or comments, please contact Kristi Norred at 392-6615/SC 662-6615 or

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