Authority to Sign Contracts

Published: September 24th, 2001

Category: Memos

Emily J. Hamby, C.P.M., Director

As a reminder, departments should not sign contracts unless they have received delegated authority from President Young to do so. If you sign a contract when you have no authority, you may become personally liable for the contract provisions.

There are certain contract terms which appear commonly in contracts but are not legal for State of Florida employees to sign. Some of these are as follows: governed by the laws of any state other than Florida, indemnification or hold-harmless clauses, contracts with automatic renewals but no cancellation or termination clause. There are other clauses required by statute: providing for open records and cancellation for lack of appropriation if the contract continues across fiscal years. Contracts for purchases (the University is obligated to make payments) have been delegated to the Director of Purchasing, the Associate Directors and Assistant Directors of Purchasing.

If you have been given authority to sign certain contracts, it is incumbent upon you to learn what is acceptable contract language.

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