Class Suspension

Published: September 11th, 2001

Category: Memos

Charles E. Young, President

As of Noon today, the University of Florida will suspend all classes until further notice. Faculty and staff may choose to leave campus and will not be charged annual leave.

We recognize that this is an extraordinary situation, and we urge students, staff, and faculty to remain calm. We are asking our students to communicate with family members about their safety. We have also opened up the Reitz Union in rooms 361, 362 and 363 for students, staff, and faculty to meet with counselors if they so desire. In addition, the usual counseling facilities will remain open. The Campus Ministries Cooperative will hold an interfaith service at 5 p.m. today in the Reitz Union.

The university will periodically issue further statements, regarding the resumption of classes and the return to normal operations.

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