2021 Update: Submit PPD Work Request Online

Published: October 30th, 2001

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Please review the 2021 update to the information: https://www.facilitiesservices.ufl.edu/

David S. O’Brien, Director Physical Plant Division

Is your office too hot or too cold? Do you have a plumbing or a lighting problem? Is your custodial service up to snuff? Do you want an estimate to remodel your office? These are just a few of the services offered by UF’s Physical Plant Division (PPD).

The Physical Plant Division WORK REQUEST RECEPTION TEAMS for the Health Science Center and the Academic Campus stand by to assist you with your facilities needs and problems.

We have always received your Work Requests via phone, fax and email and now we have another avenue available to you for assistance. Go to the new PPD Web Page at WWW.PPD.UFL.EDU. Check it out, it has a lot of useful information and you will also get to read all about our services. We are very proud of our web page!

Near the top center of the first page, directly below the words “WORK ORDER SYSTEM in orange print it says, “SUBMIT A WORK REQUEST” Just click on this and follow directions.

And we can still be reached by phone, fax, or e-mail –

HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER (Medical and Vet Medicine Requests)
Work Control Center
Walk In: Building 204, room AG-130
Phone: 392-4411
Fax: 392-2280
Email: workorderhsc@admin.ufl.edu

Work Management Center
Walk In: Building 701, Radio Road a little West of 34th St.
Phone: 392-1121
Fax: 392-8006
Email: workorder@admin.ufl.edu

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