Graduate Assistantships and Pre-doctoral Fellowship Appointments and Tuition Payment Eligibility for 2002-2003

Published: February 20th, 2002

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Janet Malphurs Academic Personnel

Eligibility dates for tuition payments for graduate assistants will be based on the duties of the graduate student.

Assistants hired for teaching, i.e., Graduate Assistant- T, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Graduate Teaching Associate, and Senior Graduate Teaching Associate, must be employed at least the following dates:

Fall Term – 2002        08/19/02 – 12/20/02         9.0
Spring Term – 2003    12/31/02 – 05/05/03         9.0

Assistants hired for research, i.e. Graduate Assistant – R, Graduate Research Assistant, Graduate Research Associate, and Senior Graduate Research Associate, as well as those hired as graders or lab assistants for a course, i.e., Graduate Assistant- G must be employed at least the following dates. Dates for pre-doctoral fellowships must be for at least the dates listed below, but could be for the entire semester:

Fall Term – 2002        08/26/02 – 12/20/02         8.5
Spring Term – 2003    01/07/03 – 05/05/03         8.5

This does not restrict a department/unit from appointing an individual in any of the above categories for additional days each term, up to and including the dates listed below. Departments are encouraged to begin employment for graduate assistants as soon as they arrive on campus or on the first day of the contractual period for the semester, whichever is later, rather than starting them on the first day of eligibility for tuition payment. Consideration should also be given to offering appointments for the entire academic year, as funding permits.

Fall Term – 2002        08/09/02 – 12/19/02         9.5
Spring Term – 2003    12/20/02 – 05/08/03         10.0

The following dates are to be used for Summer Term to establish eligibility for tuition payments for graduate assistantships and pre-doctoral fellowships:

Term A – 2003         05/09/03 – 06/24/03         3.3
Term B – 2003         06/25/03 – 08/07/03         3.2
Term C – 2003         05/09/03 – 08/07/03         6.5

For a pre-doctoral fellow to be eligible for tuition payment, s/he must receive at least $3,150 per semester ($1575 for summer A or B only) and be registered for the minimum hours required for the fellowship appointment. 12 hours are required per semester for fall and spring, 8 hours for summer C, and 4 hours for summer A or B only.

If you have questions about these procedures or need assistance, please contact the Academic Personnel Office by email ( or phone (352-392-1251).

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