Summer and Fall Semester Textbook Adoptions

Published: February 21st, 2002

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Steve Pritz Interim University Registrar

Since the advent of ISIS and the provision of services to students through web-based technologies, we have been able to provide more detailed course information to students than at any other time in our history. The Office of the University Registrar will be incorporating the schedule for the collection of textbook information into the various schedule creation and registration processes that we manage each term. Identifying course textbooks is a key component of the educational delivery process. Deans, department chairpersons, faculty and staff have been and continue to be an important part of both identifying and providing this information each term.

For summer and fall terms, colleges and departments may begin entering their course textbook and material requirements on Thursday, February 21, 2002. Textbooks and course materials may be entered on the web at: The target date for submission of textbooks used in your college or department is March 24, 2002. Textbook information is needed by this date, as registration begins March 25, 2002. For assistance in using the system please email:

Entry of your college’s textbook requirements will help ensure that textbook information is available to students during the registration period and will allow book vendors to pay students a higher value for books that are to be used again the following semester.

University of Florida students have overwhelmingly endorsed the availability of textbook information online as an important factor used in selecting courses each term. By providing textbook information to our students on ISIS, they enjoy the following benefits:

– Bookstores will have the information necessary to offer students the best prices during book buybacks. Local stores begin buying back textbooks around April 15. Instead of receiving 10% of the book price back, students are able to receive 50% of their purchase price, ultimately cutting their textbook costs in half.- Bookstores will have a more abundant supply of less expensive used textbooks for the upcoming semesters thereby lowering the cost of textbooks for students taking the courses the following semester.

– By having the information available by registration, students can assess the cost of the semester more accurately, allowing them to plan accordingly.

– Students may take advantage of textbook reservation programs at local stores and delay making the purchase until school begins or charge the purchase earlier to textbook deferment programs.

– Purchases may also be made in advance of the beginning of classes for those students who wish to prepare in advance.

– Disabled students may order books prior to the beginning of classes allowing them more time to use more convenient alternative methods of acquisition.

– Distance Learning and International Study Abroad students may use ISIS to identify textbooks from various worldwide venues and subsequently acquire them through vendors available to them locally or electronically.

– Students accessing textbook information through ISIS during advance registration have the option of searching for best buys using local stores and the Internet.

– Submitting textbook information by the deadline allows local stores and Internet retailers the ability to purchase books from publishers well in advance of the start of the semester thus allowing them to provide students earlier availability of textbooks.

– Submitting textbook information online and by the deadline allows for greater competition among our local bookstores and the Internet retailers, thereby keeping prices competitive and the lowest possible.

It is imperative that your college’s course textbook and material requirements be submitted by March 24, 2002 at Courses requiring no text should also be annotated at this address. If your college does not plan to provide textbook information prior to March 24, please have the appropriate person in the college contact Chris Newsom at 392-1374 ext. 7225.

We very much appreciate the support provided by you and your staffs in providing this vital textbook information.

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