University of Florida Employee Education Program 2002-03

Published: July 1st, 2002

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David Colburn, Provost

The University of Florida is extending the pilot Employee Education Program (EEP) for 2002-2003. This program is being funded from limited existing university resources and is neither a term nor a condition of employment, but a program to support our employees and is at the discretion of the university.

Funding has now been dedicated to cover Summer B 2002, Fall 2002, Spring 2003, and Summer A/C 2003 terms. At this time, no funding has been committed for the summer 2003 B term.

This program is job-related only and available to all full- time faculty, A&P, and USPS employees who have worked at the university for a minimum of six months and, if USPS, have attained permanent status. This program is not available to OPS, including graduate assistants, residents, and some faculty positions, or part-time personnel or employees assigned to temporary, visiting, or probationary appointments.

For the academic year 2002-2003 the following registration dates are established:

Summer B 2002 – July 1-2, 2002
Fall Semester 2002 – August 26-29, 2002
Spring Semester 2003 – January 6-9, 2003
Summer A and C Semester 2003 – TBA

For more detailed information regarding the employee’s responsibilities and the course restrictions in this program, please see

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