Utility Rates for FY 2002-2003

Published: June 26th, 2002

Category: Memos

David S. O’Brien, Director

The Physical Plant Division is responsible for providing utilities service for the University campus. Each year, we establish rates based on anticipated raw utility cost, plus other production, distribution and operational costs to provide these services. Conversely to last fiscal year when we were subjected to various and substantial increases in our raw utility costs, our expected costs for this year have decreased dramatically. I am pleased to announce that these changes have resulted in substantial decreases in our rates to campus customers. These decreases are just as dramatic as the increases last year and clearly demonstrate the relationship with fossil fuel costs and world events impacting these costs. Utility rates are in effect as of July 1, 2002 and the changes from current are listed below.

Electricity $ 0.0593/KWH 16.7%  Decrease
Chilled Water $ 71.94/KTn 22.0%  Decrease
Steam $ 3.82/KLb 24.8%  Decrease
Water $ .92/Kgal 0.0%  Change
Waste Water $ 1.64/Kgal 5.1%  Increase
Refuse $ 3.64/CuYd 5.9%  Decrease

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