Social Security Numbers for Non-US Citizens

Published: August 15th, 2002

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David R. Colburn, Provost

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has revised its policies to ensure the integrity of Social Security numbers for non-US citizens. These changes will result in a delay in the receipt of Social Security Numbers for non-citizens. However, in order for the university to accomplish its goals, we have developed a mechanism to allow the appointment of new employees while they wait for their SSN to be issued. Temporary identification numbers will be used for internal payroll processing purposes until the official SSN’s are obtained. These temporary numbers will be assigned when the employee provides the department payroll administrator a letter from SSA indicating that they have applied for a social security number.

SSA will not issue SSNs unless they are needed for employment. Possessing a social security number is not a condition for one to apply or interview for any university position. UF hiring authorities should not ask applicants if they have a social security number prior to granting an interview. Rather, departments may ask applicants if they are eligible to work in the United States.

New requirements relating to international students, faculty, and scholars are as follows:

The validity of the immigration documents relevant to the individual’s immigration status that are submitted to SSA as part of the application for a social security number must be verified by the INS before SSA will begin to process the application.

F-1 students:
F-1 students must provide to SSA a letter on department/unit letterhead indicating offer and acceptance of employment, normally obtained from the hiring department.

Regulations specify that only students authorized by the designated school official of the UF International Center will be eligible for a SSN. A student must have a letter from UFIC with original signature that specifies that the named student is authorized to work on campus and is currently enrolled in a full-time course of study.

Please be sure all appropriate documents are taken to SSA when applying for a SSN: (1) I-20, I-94, visa, passport; (2) letter of offer from the hiring department and acceptance of employment; (3) letter of authorization from UFIC mentioned above.

J-1 students:
J-1 students must have: (1) IAP-66 (or DS2019), I-94, J-1 visa, passport; (2) letter of offer from the hiring department with acceptance of employment; (3) letter of authorization from UFIC.

J-1 professors, research scholars, short-term scholars, and trainees: This group must have: IAP-66 (or DS 2019), J-1 visa, I-94, and passport.

J-2 dependents:
J-2 dependents must have: a copy of J-1’s IAP-66 (or DS 2019) with dependent attachment, J-2 visa, I-94, and current employment authorization document (EAD).

H-1B, O-1, TN faculty, postdocs and other professionals: This group must have a current valid I-797, visa, I-94 and passport.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Lynn Frazier, 392-5323 x502 or

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