University of Florida Employee Education Program 2002-03 Revision

Published: August 19th, 2002

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David Colburn, Provost

University of Florida Coursework Because the University of Florida deeply values the education of its employees and strongly encourages its staff to pursue educational opportunities for professional growth and development, the pilot Employee Education Program (EEP), established for the 2001-2002 fiscal year, is being extended for the 2002-2003 fiscal year. This program is funded from limited existing university resources and is neither a term nor a condition of employment but a privilege given solely at the discretion of the university.

Funding has now been dedicated to cover Fall 2002, Spring 2003, and Summer A/C 2003 terms. At this time, no funding has been committed for the Summer 2003 B term.

This program is available to all full-time faculty, A&P, and USPS employees who have worked at the university for a minimum of six months and, if USPS, have attained permanent status. This program is not available to OPS, including graduate assistants, residents, and some faculty positions, or part-time personnel or employees assigned to temporary, visiting, or probationary appointments.

For the academic year 2002-2003 the following registration dates are established:

Fall Semester 2002 – August 26-29, 2002
Spring Semester 2003 – January 6-9, 2003
Summer A and C Semester 2003 – TBA

Other SUS Institutions Coursework
The Division of Colleges and Universities of the FBOE has directed all SUS institutions for the fall semester 2002:

“Universities should follow current law that allows full-time faculty, A&P and USPS employees to be eligible to enroll in up to six tuition-free credit hours of instruction per semester on a space available basis pursuant to Section 240.209(6a), Florida Statutes and FBOE rule 6C-5.930(2).”

Therefore, University employees not able to take coursework at the University may take the desired coursework at other SUS institutions. The six credit hours must be taken on a space available basis, as defined by the host university. Please contact the host university for the appropriate form(s) and registration procedures.

For more detailed information regarding the employee’s responsibilities and the course restrictions in this program, please see or email

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