New On-Demand Payroll System and Discontinuance of Local Emergency Checks

Published: October 21st, 2002

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John P. Kruczek, University Controller

Effective October 21, 2002 the University will begin using the State’s new On-Demand Payroll System to process emergency payroll checks. The System can perform tax and benefit calculations, produce warrants or electronic fund transfers (EFTs) and update the employee’s pay records just like the bi-weekly payroll. Therefore, we will no longer need to hold back ten percent on emergency checks. Another advantage of the System is that it will allow payroll services to correct payroll certification errors before the next bi-weekly payroll. Employees can expect to be paid within 2 to 5 working days after a request is received and processed by Payroll Services. EFT payments will be faster than paper warrants. The timing of payments also depends on the volume of requests received by University Payroll Services.

The On-Demand Payroll System should not be used routinely for new employees as soon as their appointment appears in the personnel/payroll system since there is a limited amount of money available for emergency payroll checks. Please adhere to published deadlines from the appropriate personnel office and inform employees when they will be paid via the regular bi-weekly payroll process. On-demand payroll requests should be limited to emergencies only.

Beginning Monday October 21, 2002, University Payroll Services will process all emergency checks using the On-Demand Payroll System. A new form “On-Demand Request” has been developed to request an on-demand payment and is located on our Finance and Accounting Forms website at: under Payroll. Department Heads or their authorized designees who are charged with payroll responsibility for the department must specify the reason(s), in their request, why an on-demand check is necessary, and sign both the On-Demand Request Form and a Supplemental Time Certification form. Both forms should be sent to University Payroll Services at Box 113201, 101 Tigert Hall, or fax to 846-0166.

Thank you for your assistance in implementing this new emergency pay procedure and system. If you have any questions, please contact Steve Sauls in Payroll at 392-1231.

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