Student Stress & Anxiety

Published: December 2nd, 2002

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Eugene L. Zdziarski, II, Dean of Students

As the end of the semester quickly approaches, we want to remind you that we are approaching one of the most stressful periods of time for students. A number of factors contribute to student stress and anxiety: examinations, grades, fear of failure, concerns about admission to graduate and professional schools, parental pressures, financial concerns, etc. The potential of future terrorist attacks and the looming possibility of war with Iraq only help to magnify the impact of these traditional factors this Fall. This is particularly true for our students with family in the military and our international students.

During stressful periods of time, there is an increased tendency for students to isolate and alienate themselves from others, and many students will need help and encouragement in seeking assistance. Faculty and staff can play an important role in getting students the assistance they need.

The University and the Gainesville community provide a variety of counseling and support services to assist students. A listing of these services is provided below. When faculty or staff observe a student that seems to be experiencing difficulties, they are urged to talk to the student about their situation and make the student aware of the services that are available to assist.

A complete list of counseling & support services can be found on the Dean of Students Web site at

Should you have additional questions, or need additional information, please contact the Dean of Students Office at or 392-1261.

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