State University System Transition From FLAIR

Published: May 23rd, 2003

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John P. Kruczek, University Controller

Effective July 1, 2003, as part of the devolution plan from the State, the following five Universities will discontinue use of the FLAIR Financial System in accordance with Section 1011.4105, Florida Statutes:

OLO – 494000 – University of Central Florida
University Contact – Doris Santos, 407-882-1104, Suncom 363-1104

OLO – 495000 – University of South Florida
University Contact – Marc A. Gordon, 813-974-7686, Suncom 574-7686

OLO – 495500 – New College of Florida
University Contact – William Lawhon, 941-359-4323, Suncom 546-4323

OLO – 496000 – Florida Atlantic University
University Contact – Edwin Bemmel, 561-297-3110, Suncom 238-3110

OLO – 499500 – Florida Gulf Coast University
University Contact – Linda Bacheler, 239-590-1212, Suncom 731-1212

The FLAIR Journal Transfer (JT) process will no longer be used for payment of vouchers and transfers of funds between state agencies and the five devolving universities or to state agencies doing business with them after the close of business, Friday, May 30, 2003.

At the University of Florida, the current process for disbursements to these vendors will be changed so that instead of a JT, a state warrant will be issued to the devolving universities. University of Florida Disbursement Services will enter a Vendor ID Number instead of a benefiting FLAIR account for payments to these universities. Departments should submit invoices and/or Payment Authorization forms for these vendors with the correct Vendor ID and remittance information as well as the UF department contact name and telephone number for problem resolution.

Departments expecting to receive funds from any of these devolving universities after May 30, 2003 should ensure that invoices clearly provide the UF department (payee) remittance address, contact name, telephone number, and FLAIR account information. This will help ensure the timely receipt and deposit of these payments.

The remaining six state universities, including the University of Florida will continue to use the JT transfer method for receipts and payments between themselves until July 1, 2004. As we draw closer to this transition date, you will be notified of the University of Florida’s transition plans.

Questions regarding disbursements should be directed to John Edmands at 392-1241, For Electronic Funds Transfer (wires and ACH) instructions, please contact Diane Hurtak at 392-0181,

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