Performance Appraisals and Annual Evaluations

Published: September 24th, 2003

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Larry T. Ellis, Director Division of Human Resources

So that employees may obtain essential information about work performance, university policy requires that employees with more than six months of service be formally evaluated by their supervisors on an annual basis.

Exempt TEAMS Employees
Exempt TEAMS employees should be formally evaluated within the 30 days prior to the end date of their contracts. Departments will not receive an appraisal reminder notice (appraisal label) for exempt TEAMS employees—it will be the responsibility of each department to maintain adequate records of their employees to ensure annual evaluations are accomplished in a timely manner. These appraisals should be submitted in narrative format as a letter from the supervisor to the employee and contain an assessment of the employee’s performance relative to essential job functions and expectations (attendance, accomplishments, attitude, goals, etc.).

All former A&P employees, who automatically transitioned to TEAMS on January 7, 2003, were placed on a 12-month contract expiring January 6, 2004. Therefore, these employees should be evaluated between December 7, 2003, and January 6, 2004. Exempt USPS employees who elected to join TEAMS also should receive an evaluation within the 30 days prior to the end date of their contracts—these dates may differ depending on the period in which the employee enrolled in TEAMS.

Non-Exempt TEAMS Employees and USPS Employees
Supervisors will receive an appraisal label for non-exempt TEAMS employees and USPS employees. They should be evaluated using the Performance Appraisal Form, which may be found at the Division of Human Resources’ web site under the “Performance Appraisal” section of our “Frequently Used Forms” page <>.

When they are completed, please forward a copy of evaluations and performance appraisals to Employee Relations, PO Box 118505, Gainesville, FL 32611, so it may be placed in the employee’s personnel file. You may contact Gordon Carroll at 392-2582 with questions about the evaluation process. Employee Relations looks forward to assisting you.

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