December Holiday Payroll/Purchasing Card Schedule

Published: October 13th, 2003

Category: Memos

Michael V. McKee, University Controller

In a DDD memorandum dated August 28, 2003, the Division of Human Resources provided information related to the introduction of personal leave days this December. TEAMS employees and Academic Personnel are eligible to use four personal leave days in proportion to their FTEs for the period of December 26 to 31.

As also noted in that DDD, employees responsible for critical administrative functions and student services may be required to work for all or a portion of these four days. The Bureau of State Payrolls that prints the University’s paychecks will not allow early distribution of paychecks. Finance and Accounting will have normal paycheck distribution on Friday December 26 (i.e., Time-keeping Locations [TKLs] will pick up checks at Tigert and distribute as they do normally).

Those staff who do not have direct deposit will be encouraged to arrange for it as soon as possible if they do not want to make a trip to campus to get their check. Instructions and a form to enroll in direct deposit for state warrants are at A form to enroll in direct deposit for Academic Enrichment Fund (AEF) checks is at If, to facilitate the closing of some offices, a larger unit (i.e., College or Vice President’s Office) wants to manage check distribution for some or all of its TKLs, the larger unit should send a memo to University Payroll Services identifying which TKLs the unit will be picking up. We also suggest each area follow the TKLs’ standard documentation requirements for check distribution.

It is imperative that every department adhere to the Payroll Certification and Authorization dates during these four days as well. Certification will open on December 30 and must be authorized by 10:00 A.M. on December 31st. Failure to certify and authorize your employees’ earnings will result in employees not receiving a paycheck. All department staff members who perform any certification functions will need to plan to meet this deadline. TEAMS or Academic Personnel required to work between December 26 and 31 to complete these functions may take leave another day prior to June 30, 2004 for the hours they work. Information related to use of the four personal leave days is at

The State contract for our P-Card requires that charges must be processed within eight days. That requirement will not change for the December holiday period. We recommend departments discourage use of the P-Card for the several days leading up to the holiday period, thus reducing the number of charges that need to be processed during that period. Departments are strongly encouraged to process all outstanding charges by December 24th. Finance and Accounting’s Disbursement Services will be open with a reduced staff to process vendor and travel payments and other regular disbursements as usual.

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