Delegation to Approve Payment of Moving Expenses

Published: January 8th, 2004

Category: Memos

J. Bernard Machen, President

Pursuant to Rule 6C1-1.101(7), F.A.C., concerning perquisites, I hereby delegate to the Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors, the authority to grant prior approval for the payment of moving expenses for a University employee or prospective employee when the household goods or a mobile home to be moved are no more than 15,000 pounds gross weight.

I further delegate to the Provost and the Vice Presidents the authority to approve moving expenses when the weight of household goods or a mobile home to be moved exceeds 15,000 pounds or to approve moving expenses when approval has not been secured prior to the move. In both situations, special written justification of the exceptional circumstances surrounding the move is required.

Payment of moving expenses is limited to the cost of packing, shipping, and storage of household goods or a mobile home and reasonable expenses incurred for moving an automobile for a current or prospective employee. No payment is allowed for unpacking of household goods or insurance beyond the normal liability of the common carrier.

In all instances requests for approval to pay moving expenses must be submitted on Form PUR 306, Revised 9/03, a copy of which is linked below. This form should be completed and submitted along with the Requisition to Purchase (Form PUR 300) to the appropriate purchasing office.

Expenses with regard to moving professional equipment and books necessary for job performance that are to be housed at the University do not require approval as perquisites.


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