Revised Rules for Fair Labor Standards Act

Published: May 17th, 2004

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Larry T. Ellis, Director

The Department of Labor will be implementing revised rules regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act after 50 years of little such revision. Although these changes will have only a minor impact on the University of Florida’s compliance, several of the university’s exempt-classified pay grades will be restructured to maintain compliance.

Current UF salaries indicate that no employee will be impacted by these revisions; nevertheless, the minimum pay for these select classifications will need to be raised. Effective immediately, the minimum annual salary for exempt pay grade 21 will be increased to $23,751. In addition, the following classifications will be reassigned from pay grade 20 to pay grade 21.

Class Code Class Title
0297 University Postal Manager
2757 Museum Artisan
3642 Scientific Photographer
5548 Certified Radiologic Technologist Supervisor
5752 Senior Behavioral Program Supervisor
6223 Food Service Manager
6531 Executive Housekeeper
6532 Assistant Custodial Services Superintendent
6541 Automotive/Marine Equipment Mechanic Supervisor

Again, this change will not affect our current employees, as their pay already exceeds this new minimum; however, the change may impact your area’s hiring rate, as it sets a higher minimum.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Kris Pagenkopf, manager, Classification & Compensation, at 392-1213 or SC 622-1213.

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