DSR Transition to PeopleSoft Proposal Processing/Award Administration

Published: June 11th, 2004

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Tom Walsh, Director of Sponsored Research and Compliance

The Division of Sponsored Research fully supports the use of the PeopleSoft Proposal Preparation and Processing System as soon as it becomes available. UF Bridges has published at the following web site http://www.bridges.ufl.edu/project/overview.shtml a “go live” date for sometime between June 18th and July 1st.

UFBridges at http://www.bridges.ufl.edu/FAQ/grants.shtml#1 has provided answers to frequently asked questions that will help employees and departments become familiar with the PeopleSoft Proposal Preparation and Processing System.

Once the new system is available, you will begin each proposal session with the UF Start Proposal Page. The usual supporting documentation that DSR requires, and is not yet part of the PeopleSoft system, can be submitted in paper form. Examples include cost sharing documentation, disclosures of investigator and key personnel conflict of information, indirect cost rate documentation, and subcontractor’s proposal offer. The PeopleSoft Proposal Preparation and Processing System allows documents to be attached to the proposal and we recommend using this functionality.

July 1st and other Proposal Deadlines:

The PeopleSoft Proposal Preparation and Processing System is new and unfamiliar to us all, so DSR strongly encourages you begin the proposal approval process several days in advance of any deadline so that we can avoid the unthinkable and miss an agency’s deadline.

Proposals that Require Ink Signatures:

Upon receiving DSR’s electronic approval through the PeopleSoft system, you should then have your paper proposal delivered to DSR where the University’s Authorized Signature can be obtained.

DSR’s Legacy Proposal Processing System:

For those that do not have the capability to use the PeopleSoft Proposal Preparation and Processing System right away, we will continue to make available the DSR-1 project approval form and will accept and deliver paper versions of the proposal.

DSR’s Award Administration and PeopleSoft:

The Award Administration aspects of the Peoplesoft Sponsored Programs System WILL NOT be available until July 1, 2004. No awards can be entered into the PeopleSoft system until July 1, 2004. The SAMAS/FLAIR system will not be available to enter awards after June 6, 2004.

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