Hurricanes Frances, Charley and Ivan Preparation and Damage Assessment Reporting

Published: September 21st, 2004

Category: Memos

William Properzio, Director

Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan has caused damage to property belonging to the University of Florida both within Alachua County and/or our off-campus locations.

Much of the cost to repair our facilities, grounds and equipment may be recovered through existing insurances or under FEMA. In addition, some or all costs of protective measures (e.g. plastic sheets, plywood) and labor costs beyond normal operations (e.g. overtime paid to essential staff) may also be recovered. Personal property is not claimable.

Information that will be required for submission of property loss claims include: Which hurricane caused the damage, building number, room number, type of damage (carpet, wall, ceiling), equipment damaged (decal number), cause (rain, wind or flood), digital photo and equipment value.

Recovery of funds expended for labor costs and supplies for storm preparation will require accurate documentation (e.g. purchase receipts, timekeeping records).

Environmental Health and Safety is coordinating the claim effort. Claims information received for IFAS property will be forwarded to IFAS Facilities Operations for action.

Discussion with FEMA has been ongoing and an initial site visit to Gainesville will be performed on October 4th, 2004.

Please submit your available information as soon as possible using the information and worksheet found at so preliminary information can be provided to FEMA at that time.

For questions or additional assistance, please call the Department of Risk Management in the Division of Environmental Health and Safety at 392-7256 or 392-1591.

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