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Published: October 4th, 2004

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Ed Poppell, Vice President for Finance and Administration

To help with the transition to the new HR/Payroll systems, the University has been very flexible with the departmental cutoff times for HR transactions since the go-live PeopleSoft implementation date of June 18, 2004. We felt that this flexibility was necessary during the initial implementation to allow sufficient time for departmental staff to receive training and for all of us to gain some experience with the system. We now feel that it is time to apply the previously established cutoff dates and times for these type of transactions.

Beginning with the October 8th pay period, all Human Resources transactions that affect payroll payments—with the exception of time reporting and approvals—must be completed by 5:00 pm the Tuesday before the pay period ends. Corresponding paperwork also must be received in the core/central offices by this deadline. Any HR transactions or paperwork submitted after the 5:00 pm cutoff will be processed in the next payroll cycle. For those colleges that submit paper transactions for input by the Academic Personnel Office (APO) the paperwork is due to the APO on 10/08/04 for input and to meet the payroll deadline for a paycheck on 10/29/04. Payroll deadlines to APO have already been established and communicated to the colleges affected.

Adhering to the payroll deadline schedule at the following web site, will allow Employment and Classification, Academic Personnel, Student Employment and University Tax Services to review and approve all pending transactions from Wednesday through Friday and to correct any HR transactions that cause payroll errors.

The Payroll Office and UF Bridges will run payroll calculations Wednesday through Saturday. To help ensure accuracy of payroll (prior to finalization) departments will have an opportunity to review the payroll calculation results by reviewing their Preliminary Paylists Thursday through Saturday at 5:00. If an employee’s pay calculation is incorrect or missing, the department’s payroll processor must contact the appropriate Human Resources office or University Tax Services to correct any HR data, or Central Payroll to correct any Time and Labor time reporting issues. Time and Labor is scheduled to close on Friday at 10:00 A.M. Please note that all records approved by HR offices must have Time & Labor (T&L) entries entered and approved as applicable by the employing department prior to the Friday T&L deadline.

To summarize, the payroll cycle beginning October 8th will look like this:

•	Friday, October 8 – Pay period begins
•	Friday, October 8 – For those colleges that submit paper transactions
        for input by the Academic Personnel Office. This deadline has been 
        previously established and communicated to the colleges affected.
• 	Tuesday, Oct. 19 – All HR transactions must be completed by 5:00 pm 
        (except time reporting) and paperwork submitted
• 	Wednesday, Oct. 20 – Bridges/Payroll begin running payroll calculations. 
        Preliminary Paylists will be available for departmental review after payroll
• 	Thursday, Oct. 21 – Updated Paylists will be available for departmental 
        review. Pay period ends at 12 midnight.
•	Friday, Oct. 22 – Payroll distributions for pay period ending Oct. 21 
        must be completed by 5:00 P.M. Bridges/Payroll continues to run 
        payroll calculations.  All HR offices and University Tax Services 
        complete processing and correction of HR transactions. 
•	Updated Paylists will be available for departmental review. 
•	Saturday, Oct. 23  – Final payroll calculations run 
•	Monday, Oct. 25 – Paylists are available for departments to review.  
        HR transaction processing resumes.
•	Wednesday, Oct. 27 – Cost Distribution Detail Reports are available
•       Friday, Oct. 29 – Payday

We rely on the payroll administrators and supervisors to communicate with departmental employees about when they can reasonably anticipate receiving their paycheck. In the event that the HR transaction does not meet the scheduled deadlines, it is important to relay that information to your employee as well as alert to them to contact the HR Benefits office regarding any missed deductions that may delay their insurance coverage.

We appreciate your cooperation in following the published deadlines for HR transactions. If you have any questions please contact the appropriate HR offices, Academic Personnel, 392-1251; Employment and Classification, 392-4621; Student Employment, 392-0296; or University Tax Services, 392-1324. Questions related to Time & Labor should be directed to Central Payroll at 392-1231.

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