Your Voice/Your UF — 2005 Staff Opinion Survey

Published: March 21st, 2005

Category: Memos

Larry T. Ellis, Director of Human Resources

Today, March 25, UF launches the first ever university wide Staff Opinion Survey. Please encourage every TEAMS and USPS employee to take time during their workday to complete the survey anytime between March 25 and April 15.

Surveys are being distributed to employees either through campus mail or, in some cases, from their departments. If employees do not receive the survey by Wednesday, March 30, have them call 392-HELP or email, and provide their name, telephone, and campus PO Box. A survey will be delivered to them.

For any questions about the survey, including assistance finding work location code numbers, click on

Employee responses will be anonymous and confidential. No one at UF will see completed surveys, since they will be placed in sealed white envelopes and dropped in Campus Mail. From there all surveys will be shipped directly to International Survey Research, the company that developed the 2004 Faculty Survey and worked with UF employees and administrators to customize the staff survey for us. The reporting structure, which will be provided in June, is described at

The theme for the survey-Your Voice/Your UF-means that all individual staff opinions are requested, and will count. Please encourage your staff to take advantage of this opportunity to tell us what they think about their UF experience. When the results are in, we can work together to make this an even better place to work.

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