Student Tuition and Fees, Fall 2005

Published: July 15th, 2005

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Michael V. McKee, University Controller

This memorandum is provided to inform faculty and staff of student tuition and fees effective Fall semester 2005. In addition to assessing tuition and fees based on student residency, course level, and program, tuition rates are now also based on whether the student is considered new or continuing. Definitions of new and continuing students follow:

Continuing Student:

  • A degree-seeking student admitted prior to Fall 2005 and enrolled Spring 2005 or Summer 2005.
  • Continuing status ends upon receipt of a degree Spring 2005 or thereafter.
  • Continuing status also ends when the student begins a degree program requiring a new application.

New Student:

  • Any degree-seeking student admitted to the University of Florida for the first time Fall 2005 or after.
  • All non-degree seeking students are new students.
  • Any UF graduate admitted to a new degree program Fall 2005 or thereafter.
  • Any former student who is readmitted after an absence of two or more semesters, excluding military withdrawals.

Undergraduate, Graduate and Law Courses: Students taking undergraduate, graduate or law courses will be charged tuition and fees per credit hour. This information may be accessed at: Table1  Pursuant to Section 1009.285, F.S., each student enrolled in the same undergraduate course more than twice will be assessed an extra $170.22 per credit hour in addition to the tuition and fees for each such course.

Medical, Dental, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, and Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs: These students are charged tuition and fees for the academic year that are payable in two installments, Fall and Spring. The fee structure for Medical, Dental, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, and Doctor of Physical Therapy students for Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 may be accessed at: Table2.

Pre-term tuition bills are not sent to students. Students may determine their tuition debt by accessing ISIS ( Tuition and fee information can also be found on the web at, then select student links.

If you have questions concerning student fees please contact Diane Hurtak at 392-0765.

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