Changes in Benefits for Graduate Students on Appointments

Published: August 10th, 2005

Category: Memos

Kenneth J. Gerhardt, Interim Dean of the Graduate School

Beginning fall 2005, Graduate students who were employed for at least one semester during the 2004-2005 academic year at 0.25 FTE or greater will receive a 3.6% stipend increase. Stipend increases will be effective beginning August 16, 2005 for 9 month employees and August 1, 2005 for 12 month employees. The raises have already been entered into the payroll system.

Each 9-month employee on a 0.50 FTE appointment shall be guaranteed a minimum stipend of $7,665. Appointments greater or less than .50 FTE shall be paid at a stipend rate representing a proportion of this minimum as determined by the fractional FTE appointment and the budgeted weeks of activity.

The health insurance subsidy has increased from $400 to $500. Students who are eligible for this benefit include Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Research Assistants. The student must be enrolled in a graduate degree program, on an appointment through Academic Personnel, appropriately registered, and appointed for 0.25 FTE or greater for a particular semester. All students appointed as Fellows are eligible to receive the same $500 health insurance subsidy.

A new Agreement between the University of Florida Board of Trustees and Graduate Assistants United, United Faculty of Florida for 2005-2008 has been developed and awaits final approval by the BOT at its September meeting. Once approved, the contract can be found on the Graduate School’s website.

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