Hurricane Katrina Relief

Published: September 2nd, 2005

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J. Bernard Machen, President

I have received a tremendous outpouring of e-mails from you over the past few days regarding the devastation and human suffering associated with Hurricane Katrina. The UF family is truly compassionate, and many of you have offered assistance and inquired about how individuals and the university can help those in such desperate need.

We are announcing this afternoon that the University of Florida will welcome students from Gulf Coast universities in certain disciplines on a space-available basis. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accommodate undergraduates across the board because enrollment in this fall’s freshman class exceeded normal levels by several hundred students. The disciplines available to Gulf Coast students include:

* Engineering — Upper division and graduate students in the following engineering specialties: environmental, civil, industrial and chemical.
* Pharmacy — In addition to enrolling on campus, pharmacy students also may take courses through distance education.
* Medicine — Students who need pre-clinical and clinical rotations.
* Business — Undergraduate programs and master’s programs including MBA and MSDIS. A significant amount of course material is available on the Web through distance education.
* Law — While we have no capacity for first-year law students, the university can accommodate second-and third-year law students.
* Agricultural and Life Sciences — Upper division students in microbiology and cell science and nutritional sciences.

In addition to accepting students from the Gulf Coast area, the University of Florida has taken other steps to help those who are suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina. The University Athletic Association has announced plans to donate $75,000 in pay-per-view revenues from the Wyoming game to the American Red Cross. Hours ago, the UAA committed to the Southeastern Conference that it will contribute to the SEC’s $1 million donation to the Red Cross. The Alumni Association will be selling its Gator Nation wrist bands at Emerson Alumni Hall this Saturday and will contribute its proceeds to the American Red Cross.

Students also are taking action to help hurricane victims. The Center for Leadership and Service is sponsoring the Gator Spare Change Drive in September for the American Red Cross to assist hurricane victims. In addition, the Gator Nation Can Food Drive will kick off early this year to benefit America’s Second Harvest, which is part of a food bank network that will respond to needs of residents in states affected by Hurricane Katrina.

I urge our faculty and staff to join these UF efforts and help those in need by donating to the American Red Cross, which can be reached at 1-800-HELP-NOW, or a charity of your choice.

Thank you for your interest and compassion.

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