“Rolling” Advertisement Deadlines to Fill Faculty Positions

Published: October 17th, 2005

Category: Memos

Debra Walker King, Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Janie Fouke, Provost

The Provost office no longer requires colleges to request approval when using a “rolling” or open advertising deadline for faculty recruitment. At their discretion, deans may employ such deadlines in cases where there has historically been difficulty in filling a position in a singular posting period or where there exists an unusually tight job market and the number of qualified candidates is very limited. Open deadlines are also extended during eminent scholar, dean and vice president searches.

Please note that when an open advertising deadline is applied, a date identifying the application review start date must be advertised. This advertisement should include a statement similar to the following: “For full consideration, applications should be submitted by (specify date) when the committee will begin reviewing applications.”

A change request form, indicating a closing advertisement date, must be submitted and posted in the University’s PVA system prior to extending a formal offer. Other posting requirements continue to be in effect pending further process review and anticipated changes in faculty search policies.

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