UF IT Security Incident Response Procedures, Standards and Guidelines

Published: November 7th, 2005

Category: Memos

Marc Hoit, Interim Associate Provost for IT
Kathy Bergsma, UF Information Security Manager

New state privacy legislation and increased publicity regarding privacy breaches have prompted the University of Florida to update the UF IT Security Incident Response Procedures, Standards and Guidelines [1]. New systems have been implemented to facilitate tracking and reporting of security incidents on campus. New features include requiring units to provide specific details about the severity of the incident. These details drive notification and response procedures so that the university is compliant with the law.

Authorized unit IT workers can view incident tickets for their unit on a restricted web site [2]. They can also access reports describing incident history on the web [3].

It is especially important that IT workers are familiar with the standard. It is critical that all employees help the university provide a unified voice in protecting the security of our systems and data.

[1] www.it.ufl.edu/policies/security/uf-it-sec-incident-response.html
[2] https://infosec.ufl.edu/cgi-bin/followup/admin.cgi
[3] https://infosec.ufl.edu/cgi-bin/graphing/

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