Updated Directives and Procedures – Disbursements; Contracts and Grants

Published: November 18th, 2005

Category: Memos

Michael V. McKee, University Controller

As I had noted in earlier correspondence, Finance and Accounting is continuing the process of updating its Directives and Procedures (D&P) relative to University business processes. Many of these needed modification as a result of devolution and the new MyUFL system implementation. An updated Travel section was released previously and we have now released updated D&P for Disbursements (section 13) and for Contracts and Grants (section 5). They can be found at the following web site:


These updates, while extensive in terminology and format changes, have only a few substantive changes to note. The Disbursements D&P has consolidated previous guidance from a variety of sources into one comprehensive document and has added Definitions (section 2); Expenditure Guidelines (section 3) which discusses allowable expenditures based on fund source; Guidance on Certain Types of Expenditures (section 4) which includes section N on payments with DSO moneys (including AEF). The Contracts and Grants D&P have been updated primarily to reflect terminology changes for MyUFL.

While I believe that these are the most significant changes with these updated D&P, I would encourage you to have appropriate staff within your unit review these current releases. Any comments or suggestions on how we can clarify, communicate, or improve these to make them more beneficial to the campus community would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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