2006 Scholarship of Engagement Awards

Published: February 3rd, 2006

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Catherine Emihovich, Dean, College of Education

The College of Education at the University of Florida is pleased to announce the 4th annual “Scholarship of Engagement” award competition for faculty, graduate students, and community members. These awards are based on Ernst Boyer’s vision that research- oriented universities need to broaden their concept of scholarship to reflect the issues and concerns of society at large. As he noted:

“Scholarship means engaging in original research. But the work of the scholar also means stepping back from one’s investigation, looking for connections, building bridges between theory and practice, and communicating one’s knowledge effectively to students. Institutions should consider broadening the scope of the term ‘scholarship’ to recognize these four activities – discovery, integration, application, and teaching – as separate but overlapping dimensions of scholarship (1990, p. 16).”

In addition to these criteria, the College of Education has also highlighted these elements: the impact the scholar’s work has had; wide dissemination through channels other than just scholarly journals; research that is focused on the ‘public good’; an integration of scholarship with teaching; time spent in a site; strong collaboration with other partners; a concern for equity and social justice; and, in the case of school/community nominees, effective translation of research results into action. In the words of the English philosopher Herbert Spencer, “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.”

Each year we present awards in the following categories:

    College of Education (one faculty member, one PK Yonge teacher)
    Graduate student
    School District

The 2005 winners were as follows:
University: Russell Robinson, College of Fine Arts/Music COE Faculty: Dorene Ross, School of Teaching and Learning P.K. Yonge: Nancy Dean Grad Student: David Hoppey, Special Education School District: Katherine Dixon, Principal, Williams Elementary Community: William Goodman, Alachua County School Board

The winners (and their nominators) will be invited to attend the “Scholarship of Engagement” Dinner as the Dean of Education’s guests on April 20, 2006 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at the Emerson Alumni Hall where they will receive a plaque in honor of their work. We will also be honoring our student scholarship winners and the generous donors who provided endowed scholarships. The guest speaker for the event will be Provost Janie Fouke. Last year, over 175 people attended this event.

Nomination Process
To nominate someone, please send a letter describing the candidate’s accomplishments, to Dr. Silvia Echevarria-Doan and explain why you believe he/she merits this award based on the criteria listed above (Previous nominees may be nominated again). More information on this model can also be found at the website listed below:


Nominations are due March 6, and should be sent to:

Dr. Silvia Echevarria-Doan
Counselor Education
1203 Norman Hall
P.O. Box 117046

All nominations will be reviewed by a committee and winners will be informed in mid-March.

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